Earn college credit towards an academic degree for knowledge gained through courses, work and life experiences, non-degree granting institutions, military training, or other learning experiences.




and want to complete a degree program.

Completed a

Career Technology Center

program connected to a Cooperative Agreement at a college.


Military Study
and Training

with a branch of the Armed Services.

Earned an

Industry Credential

and/or would like to test out of a college course.

Is a college degree worth the cost and effort?

Absolutely! Earning a bachelor’s degree can have many benefits to the individual and society.

Research shows that college graduates on average make $32,000 more annually than someone who does not hold a degree and that they are less likely to be to be unemployed. Graduates are 47% more likely to have health insurance and 72% more likely to have a retirement plan.

College graduates are more likely to be civically engaged and involved in their communities.

These are just a few reasons why higher education is an investment worth making.

(Trostel, 2015)

Credit for Prior Learning

Did you know you can receive college credit for knowledge acquired outside of the classroom? Prior learning can be acquired from, but not limited to, work and life experiences, non-degree-granting institutions, professional training, military training, or open-source learning.

A cooperative agreement is an arrangement an institution enters for receipt of courses or programs or portions of courses or programs delivered by another institution, service provider, or entity.

Click here for a list of cooperative agreements made between Oklahoma Technology Centers and Oklahoma public institutions.

Students who successfully complete Oklahoma Technology Center courses and/or programs listed on the Statewide Technical Course Articulation Matrix may earn college transfer credit in only those technical courses approved.

This inventory is a list of technical courses offered at Oklahoma Technology Centers that have been approved and can be transferred to Oklahoma public institutions. Students must achieve a minimum passing grade, provide an official technology center transcript and be admitted to the participating State System institution in order to receive college transfer credit.

Occupational licenses and certifications are acquired outside a public college or university, such as, but not limited to, work and life experiences, non-degree-granting institutions, professional training, military training, or open source learning.

For a list of occupational licenses and certifications that have been approved and can be transferred to Oklahoma public institutions, click here.

Many Oklahoma colleges and universities offer prior learning assessments of military experience and training for college credit. Search the American Council on Education's (ACE) Military Guide to view advisory recommendations on applying college credit to military service courses and occupations.

For more information, click here.

All of Oklahoma’s public colleges and universities grant credit for AP® exams, usually requiring a score of 3 or higher for any subject area offered by the institution.

To find out what college credit, advanced placement or course exemptions you may have earned, have the College Board send your official scores to the colleges and universities you're interested in attending.

Click here for more information.

Save Time & Money

Find out if you can receive credit for prior learning experiences toward earning your degree!

Prior learning assessments may cover:

Previous College Credits
Transfer credit depends on the institution and chosen degree program

Exam Credits & Military Study
Work experience, military training, exam credits (CLEP, AP, IB, DSST, Excelsior)

Prior Learning and Occupational Training
Work experience and training programs

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